Workstream 0: Management and Coordination of the Project


This Workstream is intended for all the activities that are related to the general management and coordination of the project which are mainly the activities which are cross cutting to all workstreams. In particular, it aims at:

  • safeguarding cooperation among partnership and the harmonized implementation of activities,
  • maintaining financial flows, and
  • securing efficient budget execution by all partners.
Description of the work activities: 
  1. Coordination and management of Consortium’s meetings
  2. Coordination and monitoring of Pilot Study 1 (Workstream 1)
  3. Coordination and monitoring of Pilot Study 2 (Workstream 2)
  4. Monitoring of National Networks of Health Institutions (Workstreams 3 & 5)
  5. Coordination and monitoring of Health Professionals' Training (Workstreams 3 and 5)
  6. Monitoring collaboration between Consortium partners and National Justice & Human Rights Authorities (Workstream 4)
  7. Monitoring the organization of the International Symposium
  8. Monitoring timely conclusion of Workstreams
  9. Monitoring financial management of the project
  10. Coordination and management of the project’s website
  11. Coordination and management of sustainability network and activities
  12. Evaluation of the project.

1st Managerial Meeting & 1st Workshop, 4-5 April 2013, Athens, Greece